Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Choosing an Income Protection Insurance Policy - Part 1

Most people only read their policy from cover to cover when they need to make a claim. Unfortunately, by this time it's often too late.

In 60% of cases involving disputes over unpaid claims during 1999, consumers did not have the insurance they thought they did. Make sure you know up front what to expect from your policy. Courtesy of ASIC'S comsumer site FIDO, here's what to look out for so you get the cover you need:

Is Insurance Part of Your Superannuation Package?
Before deciding whether to insure yourself against loss of income, check if you already have disability insurance through any superannuation fund you contribute to. If you do, check what sort of insurance it is and when it will pay.

Superannuation funds commonly offer insurance that pays benefits if you become permanently disabled and cannot return to work (to replace at least some of the income you would have earned if you were still employed). It is usually (though not always) cheaper than a policy you take out yourself. Your super fund's product disclosure statement (PDS) tells you about your insurance coverage. Ask you super fund for a copy of your PDS.

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